Wedding Stationery Tips

The staff of A-wedding Day is often asked for specific tips and etiquettes regarding invitations and wedding stationery. Many of our visitors found the following article very helpful.



  • Announce your wedding! Send out Save-the-Date cards.
    These cards provide you with the perfect way to let your friends and family know about your upcoming wedding.


  • Send the Save-the-Date cards as soon as you’ve set and secured your wedding date, so they will mark your special date on their calendars.


  • Save time! As you print your return address on your invitations and response cards, print it on the flaps of your Thank You note envelopes and the envelopes of all stationery you wish to use.WEDDING INVITATIONS TIPS:


  • The invitations you send, not only inform your guests of the date, time, location and hosts of the wedding, but set the tone for your entire celebration.


  • Order a large supply of Folding Note Cards. Folding Note Cards are very versatile. Use them for RSVP respond cards, reception announcements, tented place cards, thank you notes, gift enclosures, or for other correspondence long after the wedding. Always purchase note card kits thay include mailing envelopes.


  • Your wedding invitation may include the time and location of the reception, or you may insert reception cards with the information and map printed on them to inform your guests of the location of the wedding reception and or dance.


  • Since reception cards are enclosed with your invitation, you may, but you do not need to place them in their own envelopes.


  • If you plan to send reception cards, use the same folding card as your response card. Send each in the same envelope as you do the invitation and response card.


  • Mail invitations at least six weeks before the wedding.


  • Before you stamp the envelopes, have your invitations weighed at the post office to determine the proper postage.


  • If you have children involve them in the excitement of preparing for the wedding. Depending on their abilities, you may have them address the invitations and – or stamp them.



With the escalating costs of dream weddings, the use of only an outer envelope has become the norm. The use of an inner envelope is no longer required for most but Black Tie and formal affairs. Saving the cost of inner envelopes and possibly postage, can be quite helpful with the wedding budget.

  • Whether pre-printed or home printed, invitations have to be mailed.


  • Each invitation should be either hand addressed, or if computer generated, have special calligraphy like fonts.


  • Do not let your guests guess. Be very specific when addressing the invitations.


  • The recipients should know exactly who is invited and if anyone is not (children for example).
    If you thought that it is simple, think again. Before setting for the task, make sure that you will not encounter any surprises at the wedding.Yes, compiling the guest list and staying within your wedding budget is one of the most difficult tasks at hand. Yet, your wedding is the happiest day of your life and you want your guest to share in your happiness rather than harbor bad feelings.


  • Take into consideration guests’ children.


  • Be sure not to alienate singles for whom it is important to bring a significant other or a guest. So, if Joe has a steady girlfriend invite her too.Well, your list is complete (or so you think), the invitations are printed and you are ready to address the outer and if you have, inner envelopes. The envelopes are the first thing your guests see. Show them that they are important to you. Pay attention to details and your guests will know that you really care about them.